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Men's Winter Style Essentials

Winter Blazer 

Tweed Jacket

A winter blazer requires a streamlined silhouette while still providing protection from the elements. A British icon, the tweed jacket – in a rustic weave and earthen speck, is the perfect way to bring a little bit of country charm into your urban winter.

A Harris tweed – made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides, is a sophisticated variety for work, just like the Marks & Spencer gunmetal blue jacket. Pair with flat wool trousers or chinos, as double-tweed looks a little ‘heavy’.

Down-padded is another great winter material. Styled with narrow lapels, the jacket closes with two press studs to the centre front and is finished with three welt pockets. Super chic, super warm.

Leather Jacket


Leather is a natural insulator, given it’s animal hide. And it makes for the perfect jacket material, with no chance of wind or rain penetrating the supple yet sturdy skin. Tough and masculine, a suede bomber in tan in this season’s answer to a blazer-replacement for the office, matched with wool trousers, and silk knit tie. Slip in a waffle knit sweater over a crisp white shirt for extra knit-iness.

The other leather style roaring on this season is the biker. This looks like the black perfecto, lined or trimmed with shearling for extra warmth and plushness. Yuss. Leather is better bought new (thrift store Macklemore-styles are often ill-fitting) and real (nothing faux, ‘the poor man pays twice’, ok?).

Hefty Jeans


Denim looks better darker in winter, going with the sombre change in season. Switch out your white linens chinos for inky, selvedge jeans in a thick 12, 14 o even 16 oz. weight.

These jeans will prevent winter’s wind from cutting through to your skin (provided you skip on this season’s ripped knee trend), and look best in a slim-fit or relaxed, with a tapered ankled or rolled cuff to give the hem shape.

Wool Socks


If you have cold feet, it’s impossible to get warm. So, socks play a huge part in fending-off winter’s ferocity, even when paired with heavy duty boost or suede chukkas.

But I have loads of cotton socks, I hear you moan. Unlike wool, cotton loses all insulating properties when wet. This includes perspiration, which happens when wearing boots sometimes, leaving you with cold, damp feet. Wool fibres are naturally anti-bacterial and so, are odour resistant. This also means they don’t can be worn multiple times before washing (use discretion).

The solution is to invest in some quality wool socks: soft merino wool socks or a luxurious cashmere/wool blend. Keep it quality.

Leather Gloves 


Eschewing the elements as at your fingertips this winter with the finer things. So, give it up for leather gloves. As luxurious as your latest office lace ups, gloves are even more buttery soft to touch, but defiantly durable against the harsh things put to our hands.

Construction differs from glove to glove: the rib-cuffed and press-studded in traditional fit or the rev-it-hard driving glove for the weekend, just like the ‘Drive’ (à la Ryan Gosling) inspired black leather; cutout knuckles and perforated fingers, too. 

A Scarf


Scarves have copped it from many an-insecure-man in the past, touted as too feminine and fussy. Meanwhile, history tells us some of the bravest, most masculine heroes of our time relied on the scarf to keep alive in the cold: WWI soldiers and aviators.

Available in wool, cashmere and/or silk, scarves of one of the most personalised winter items in menswear, selecting the length, texture and colour and pattern, depending on your taste and mood.

The best ones liven up a minimal winter look and keep you warm, obvs.


Benjamin Fitzgerald 

October 21, 2016 by Daily News