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Kanye West Just Started an Instagram Account

Considering Kanye West's rant-heavy Twitter, you'd expect his Instagram account to just be filled with pictures of his face—but now that he's finally taken the plunge and started his own account, it turns out that's not the case (so far).

Kanye nabbed the handle @kanyewest (which he probably had to buy off someone) and posted his very first Instagram this morning of a car driving by a dramatically slanted building in the twilight. Definitely not what we'd expect a Kanye post to be.

There was no caption, so it's unsure what this Instagram means; perhaps it's a teaser for upcoming work, or maybe it's just Kanye trying to be deep. Knowing him, he'll inevitably get into an Instagram feud within the next 24 hours.


Sammy Nickalls 

September 19, 2016 by Daily News