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How To Winter-Proof Your Wardrobe

#1 Overcoat


The overcoat is winter’s hero piece for combating the cold. Due to the cost of a quality overcoat, keep the colour traditional and blocked – black, grey, brown, navy, olive or beige – so it can be worn with your current wardrobe across many dress codes.

Like suits, the best ones come made from pure wool or cashmere, with silk linings and natural buttons. As for fit, try not succumb to this season’s oversized trend, but look for a snug-fit shoulder with some room in the sleeve. Make sure you get a size that will allow for a suit or sweater to be layered underneath.

#2 Trench Coat


If it’s raining, your beautiful wool coat won’t fare well (unless you have an umbrella). So, go for the trench coat. Made from pressed wool or cotton poplin, rain will run off the trench, and it’s a lot lighter than most wool coats too, perfect for not-so-cold days.

In neutral tones – beige being the original hue, the trench is the most versatile jacket, worn open with jeans and sneakers on a sunny Saturday. Or, belted and collar-popped over a navy two-piece suit to survive a drizzly weekday commute.

#3 Heavy Knit


Lightweight knits made the cut for our transitional season items a few months back. But now, as autumn’s leaves have hit the earth and are blown away by winter’s wind, it’s time to invest in heavy-duty knits. That means thick gauge varieties such as a cable knit or waffle.

As well as keeping out the cold, the heavy knit – and its chunky detail – will add some texture to an outfit, worn solo over heavy-twill chinos and boots. As a layering piece, like under a trench, go for a fin gauge sweater and stick to warm, natural fibres – wool or cashmere.

#4 Wool Trousers 


Heavier weight trousers this season come in different fits (slim to wide, cropped or regular leg) as well as colours and textures (a reflection of what material makes up your pant). So, from the start, work out how formal you need the trouser to be.

A versatile pair, taking you from the office to the weekend, is the slim-cut (never skinny) navy or charcoal wool trouser. Much like your go-to chino in the summer, the classic colour will be an instant hit with a crisp white shirt and tweed blazer for work or with a tucked chunky knit and sneakers for Saturday chills.

Cropped and wide-leg are key this season, as well as subtle pleats at the front, for a nostalgia Fifties vibe.

#5 Boots


Cold feet? As the temperature plummets, our canvas plimsolls aren’t enough to prevent chilblains and the slush of an unforeseen sidewalk puddle. Sturdy, leather boots are the order of the season. Better yet, a smart pair such as Derby boot or brogue that will fair well with suit pants for the office or selvage jeans Sunday morning.

But, the rubber hits the road when it comes to the sole. The wedge sole combines traction and stability whilst remaining lightweight, perfect for running a muck on those city streets.


Benjamin Fitzgerald

November 01, 2016 by Daily News