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How To Stay Stylish When It's Seriously Cold

The Jacket

Your first line of defence in the excruciating cold is a jacket. But not just any old jacket. A jacket equipped to battle severe elements, not there to merely make you look good in front of your friends. A jacket made of stronger stuff than a timid trench. This one is more than up to the task. It brings warmth with the quilted sections at the front (and the shearling interior). There is practicality in the drawstring on the interior. And then there is a flourish of style with the leather panels. This is a coat that is equipped for anything.

The Sweater

Your second line of defence is, of course, a trusty sweater. We’re choosing on this one. This crew neck sweater is a 100% wool, so it will provide ample protection from the cold while making you feel extra warm and fuzzy from your neck down to your waistband. What’s more, it has been made with subtle flecks of different coloured yarn to make it extra easy on the eye. Robust and handsome – what more could you want?

The Boots 


And now – the feet. Not only does deep winter weather bring cold, it also brings wet. So, let these brogue chelsea boots step up and take centre stage in any plans that may involve leaving the house. Those elastic inserts make them look intrepid, but there is substance to back up appearances. Goodyear-welted soles made with rubber is just about the perfect match of strength and grip. And that leather, if treated with a dab of dubbin, will not only protect your feet from the elements, but also the weather, and develop into a pleasing patina. Arming yourself for bad weather has never looked so good.


Tom M Ford

November 16, 2016 by Daily News