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How To Get Conor McGregor Style

Breaking It Down

Conor McGregor is a star who knows how to get attention in the ring and out. Given that he is a world class athlete, McGregor is often in the midst of the spotlight looking quite literally like a million bucks. When he’s not in the ring, you can find him in slick training gear which borderlines on athleisure wear.

Come showtime and weigh-ins, McGregor gets into his finest threads which often consist of loud three piece suits paired with very extravagant timepieces. His weekend warrior look is one of a playboy ripe for coffee and low key press appearances.

The flashy wardrobe of this UFC champion is not for everyone, but if you carry a similar demeanour (and physique) to McGregor then this is one modern style icon you can definitely look up to. Let’s get into it.

Suit Ex Machina

McGregor is a connoisseur of men’s suiting that garners maximum attention. From the wild colours with specked metallic hues, to the vast array of classic window pane suits, nothing can escape McGregor’s zany taste for bespoke menswear. Fitment is key to McGregor’s style as this ensures the loudness always remains stylish and in check rather than tacky.

From here on in, it’s a simple case of matching the right patterns and colours to obtain the ultimate playboy look. An ocean blue blazer goes perfectly with darker trousers, whilst aviator sunglasses and a big dial gold watch polishes off the ensemble. Also remember to throw a pocket square and tie into the mix to round out the regal look.

Choose your suit colour wisely though as some of these will only work best at night as opposed to metallic during the day. It’s all about the showmanship.

Continuing down the suit route, McGregor tends to go for handmade driving shoes finished in leather or suede. It’s a less conventional mix that adds a bit of Summer to the classic three-piece suit – think rock star of Savile Row. To change up the look, be sure to play with contrasting buttonaires and different styled sunglasses. It’ll no doubt alter the final look of the outfit whilst keeping you at the very forefront of cool.

Deceivingly Nice Bow Tie Guy

McGregor isn’t all show and brute. The man can also play the stylish nice guy if called upon. A brightly coloured bow tie paired with a fine checked shirt and loud pocket square is enough to do the warm look justice. Just don’t forget the most important item: a cracking smile.

Ultimate Fighting Casual

‘Day off’ McGregor calls for a much more laid back wardrobe without dropping the standard. Those brave enough can try his Miami Vice inspired green polo and white chino combination. Again, the driving loafers make another appearance in this category albeit in much more daring patterns such as snake skin.

In the colder season, layer like a champ with a gilet vest, skin hugging thermals, scarf and matching beanie. Footwear of choice is of course a pair of high top sneakers teamed with denim. And in true Conor McGregor fashion, let’s not forget the big dial timepiece. The whole look just screams burly Irish brawler with a killer stylist to match.

Fitness Freak On A Leash

Style and fitness never go together, right? Wrong. Simplicity and functionality is the key to killing it during your workout. We’re not talking suits and cravats here but rather serious performance wear such as compression gear paired with a beanie on a cold day’s workout.

When Summer rolls around, a pair of marl coloured gym shorts fitted not too loose and not too tight will do wonders. If you’ve got quads like a God or ripped ones like McGregor, roll up the shorts to show off those bad boys. Just remember that comfort and heat dissipation comes first.


Mike Huynh

August 30, 2016 by Daily News