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Five Style Lessons From Seoul Fashion Week

Go Hell For Leather

This guy looks at ease in a biker jacket. He’s sat on a motorbike, after all, so he’s pretty qualified to wear one, of course. He can say, with a totally straight face, that he’s wearing a biker jacket purely for practical reasons – to protect himself if he was to unceremoniously dismount said bike. But given he matches it so well with some chinos, which hang inches above his ankle, we’d hazard a guess he knows a thing or two about style as well as speed.

How To Layer Well

There are good ways of wearing lots of different layers of clothing; there are innocuous ways; and then there are bad ways. Perhaps, simply in search of warmth, you decide to wear a T-shirt underneath a sweatshirt, upon which you throw a nice winter coat. Maybe, in search of complements, you decide to throw on all of your favourite items at once – causing an almost audible clash. Or, perhaps you’re this man, who understands the exact science of balance, courage and quality when it comes to mixing different textures, prints and styles.

Do Double Denim Like You Mean It

This is the look of a man who is invested in denim and not afraid who knows it. He is not going about things in a half-hearted way. He is not mixing up different shades or washes with his jeans and jacket. He is in no way hiding his commitment to indigo. And, when deployed like this – the jacket fitted to perfection, a couple of undone buttons and a white T-shirt underneath to break things up a little – hardwearing denim, doubled-up, has never looked so effortless.

Dress Up Casual Clothing

We’re huge fans of a shell blouson jacket – and this is a great example of how to wear one. When you have something as casual as a shell jacket, go for some slightly more formal wool trousers to go with it. It means that you can get away with wearing a cap and some contemporary sneakers without looking like a teenager bunking off school.

You Don't Need To Be Bold To Be Noticed

Especially in the context of Seoul – where extravagance and exuberance are the order of the day – it can easily be forgotten that simple classics go a long way. Timeless pieces such as the plaid shirt seem to exist outside of time or trend as evergreen items of clothing. Perhaps the fact that this one is blue offers a slight update on the theme. But that’s where the innovation ends. A plaid shirt, a white T-shirt and a workwear jacket – what’s not to like?


Tom M Ford

November 13, 2016 by Daily News