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5 Ways to Instantly Look Taller

Find A Good Tailor To Look Taller


Too much extra fabric—especially when your pants are too long—only calls attention to your smaller stature. 

Good tailoring, on the other hand, neatens you up and can add the illusion of height, says Au. Ask the best-dressed guy in your office who he goes to, then take all your pants and jackets to him to ensure a perfect fit. Take a look at actors Kevin Hart, who is 5’2”, and Aziz Ansari, 5’6”, to see how great tailoring makes a difference. 

Opt For Finer, More Subtle Patterns To Look Taller

Dotted Shirt (2 Colors) - TakeClothe - 2 

Sure, vertical stripes stretch you, but if you go with stripes, keep them slim. Large patterns or plaids can swallow up a shorter guy. 

Choose something more understated, like this shirt with a dotted print that adds interest without being distracting

Wear Shoes That Make You Look Taller

Brogue Shoes (2 Colors) - TakeClothe - 3

Avoid square-toed shoes, which can give you a stumpy look. A classic rounded toe creates a slimmer, more elongated appearance. 

For dress shoes, go with a classic, no-frills wingtip.

Also check out this pair.

Wear All One Color To Look Taller


If your pants and shirt are similar colors, they’ll create an elongated silhouette from shoulder to toe. 

An all-navy outfit is one of our favorite monochromatic looks. It’s not too bold—like, say, head-to-toe red—but it’s not as severe as black.

Wear Slim Lapels To Look Taller

Skinny Smart Blazer - TakeClothe

If your jacket is size 40 or smaller, keep your lapel width under 2½ inches. Not only will it make you look taller, but your shoulders will appear broader, too. Here’s a great example.



November 02, 2016 by Daily News