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5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know Today

How Much Bacteria Lives On An ATM


Step away from that money machine. Slowly. Now proceed to dip your hands into a ball of fire. In sex education it’s been said that every time you sleep with a person, you’re also sleeping with everyone else that person had slept with. It’s called bacteria people and the latest research from New York University has concluded that ATMs are ridiculously packed with them.

“ATM surfaces…are interesting from both a biodiversity perspective and a public-health perspective,” says the authors of the peer-reviewed journal mSphere.

The study which examined ATMs from eight different suburbs across New York found these forms of vomit-inducing remnants:

  • A bacteria which feeds on human skin (a close relative to the common STI trichomoniasis
  • Toxoplasma, a bacteria which can cause toxoplasmosis or flu-like symptoms.

Your saving grace? According to researchers, the small amounts of these bacteria aren’t harmful enough to the human body. Just don’t go licking your ATM keypad anytime soon.

Secrets To Making People Say Yes


Hate getting rejected? The life-long secret to getting people to say ‘yes’ might not be definite, but researchers are sure getting closer with their theories.

It’s been found that high-achievers spend a lot more time crafting what they do and say before making a request. No detail is left to question and they use ample time to figure out the best ways to influence and engage with others.

The underlying solution, as reported by WIRED, is this: “Before introducing their message, they arranged to make their audience sympathetic to it.”

“The best persuaders become the best through ‘pre-suasion’ – the process of arranging for recipients to be receptive to a message before they encounter it.”

As such, the process of ‘pre-suasion’ involves presenting yourself first in a way that draws positive emotions. What you present to the party first will change the way of how they perceive your next request.

This can include anything from the mention of a number to the length of a line or a piece of music; essentially a spike in attention derived from psychological triggers that you would have researched before hand.

Now go make them hundred dollar bills and marry Miranda Kerr y’all.

What Your Drink Says About You


Think that strawberry daiquiri you’re sipping away on (via a straw) is doing you favours with a potential hot date? Think again, slayer. Here’s what seasoned bartenders think about your common drink of choice via Buzfeed and The Huffington Post.

Bailey’s: “This is for college kids who learned how to drink from their dad.”
Beer + Shot: “It’s the drink of people who are comfortable talking to strangers and make friends easily.”
Bloody Mary: “Bloody Marys are for people who try too hard. ‘Look at me, I’m drinking vegetables.”
Campari & Soda: “Campari and soda is for people who are going places.”
Cider: “Cider is for 18-year-olds who haven’t acquired a taste for beer yet.”
Cognac: “Cognac is some classy fucking shit.”
Gin & Tonic: “A gin and tonic is for old white men with too much money.”
Hennessy: “Hennessy is a fighting drink. Asians also love it at weddings.”
Long Island Iced Tea: “You drink a Long Island iced tea when you just don’t give a fuck about anything. And you’re not afraid of going to jail.”
Mojito: “Mojitos are the official drink of ‘Fun People’.”
Negroni: “Negronis are for people who have accepted the fullness of life’s experience, the bitter and the sweet.”
Red Wine: “According to one bartender at first-date hotspot, ordering a glass of red screams seduction.”
White Wine: “White wine is the more feminine pour of the two.”
Vodka Soda: “Vodka sodas are for girls who always secretly wish people would ask them if they’ve ever thought about modeling.”

Celebrities With Weird Pets


If you thought your pet Sea Monkey was weird then you’re in for some disappointment. These are the list of celebrities who have enlisted the help of a weird or exotic pet over the years.

George Clooney: Vietnamese black bristled pot belly pig
Mike Tyson: Three tigers
Leonardo DiCaprio: Bearded dragon
Paris Hilton: Honey bear and rat
Angelina Jolie: Rat
Dan Bilzerian: Goat
Elvis: Kangaroo
Nicolas Cage: Octopus

Origins Of Marriage Traditions


What’s in a wedding procedure? Listverse dug deep to find out the origins of the binding tradition with a few surprises.

Honeymoon: Originating in the 18th century, the term referred to ‘honey’ which was the indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure that a newly wed couple goes through. The ‘moone’ part refers to the waning of love.
Bachelor or Bucks Parties: Bachelor parties were invented by the Spartans in the fifth century BC. Strippers weren’t on board back then but Spartan soldiers did have a feast and toasted on behalf of their friend’s fleeting day as a single man.
The Best Man Helped Kidnap The Bride: This concept dates back to the days of Germany’s Goth community in a time where kidnapping the bride was commonplace doe to the shortage of women. The groom would often request a close friend to help him enter the village and get the job done. Best men back then would also be responsible for protecting the bride from other suitors.
Rings Were A Symbol Of Bride Purchase: Ancient Egyptians were reportedly the first to use rings in a wedding ceremony. The rings which were made from braided hemp, bone, leather or ivory would be placed on a bride’s finger as a symbol of the groom’s confidence in her ability to look after the house. The Romans is where the ring was used as a symbol of bride purchase.


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November 22, 2016 by Daily News