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5 Interesting Facts You Need To Know Today

#1 The Most Searched Super Hero Porn


The world of comics have always been an imaginative place filled with dazzling set pieces and quirky characters. The same goes for the world of porn. With the influx of blockbuster comic book films over the past decade, the surge in super hero related porn has also followed suit. Not even the innocence of Pokémon Go is spared and in that regard the best thing we can do is shine more light on this issue for…greater awareness. Even individual characters weren’t safe with Suicide Squad‘s Harley Quinn receiving the highest volume of search on the site post-premiere.

According to Pornhub data, these are the most searched superhero porn terms:

  • Suicide Squad: Search on the site increased 1072% following the release of the film back in August.
  • Captain America: Civil War: Proving that spandex and sex can play nice, Captain America searches on Pornhub went up 852% after the film released in May this year.
  • Coming in at a close third second was Batman, Superman and Spider-Man

Jeepers, Batman!

#2 History's Most Expensive Accidents


Thought the weekend tangle you witnessed was bad? You haven’t traced back to history’s most expensive accidents. From sunken ships to nuclear meltdowns, let’s say a little prayer for insurance. Not that it’ll make that much of a difference.

  1. Titanic sinking – US$150 million
  2. B-2 Bomber crash in Guam – US$1.4 billion
  3. Piper Alpha oil rig explosion – US$3.4 Billion
  4. Space Shuttle Columbia Explosion – US$13 billion
  5. Chernobyl nuclear disaster – US$200 billion

#3 Most Trafficked Mammals In The World


If you’ve never heard of a pangolin you’d probably mistake it for a prehistoric beast. With the ability to walk on its hind legs and front claws optimised for digging, the highly endangered animal is the world’s only scale covered mammal which is harmless and about the size of a domestic cat. Often given the name ‘Tiny Dinosaur’ or ‘Friendly Crocodile’, the  pangolin is now the world’s most trafficked mammal, fetching up to US$350 from Vietnamese restaurants specialising in this almost extinct delicacy.

According to Skyscanner, other strange animals that weren’t necessarily smuggled but have been found on commercial planes include:

  • A swarm of bees
  • Leopards in a suitcase
  • A turtle hidden inside a KFC burger
  • Rats in a Qantas medical equipment compartment

#4 What Would Happen If You Were Eaten By...


Whale: Whales aren’t usually purveyors of humans for food but sometimes accidents do happen. According to Quora, most whales don’t have throats big enough to swallow an adult human whole but for those who do, such as the Blue Whale, being swallowed whole is possible. You’ll be glad to know you won’t be torn to shreds though as Blue Whales don’t have teeth; instead they have a row of plates covered with hair which acts as a filter to catch krill from the thousands of litres of water it swallows in one go. Once the water is pushed out, the prey is licked up by the whale’s giant tongue. A human trapped inside won’t die immediately but they will most likely be crushed from the force of the whale crushing its plates when it closes its mouth.

Shark: Like whales, sharks can’t swallow a human whole (not even the whale shark). It does however have a nasty set of serrated teeth which is designed to slice its hearty meal apart. Australian diver Eric Nerhus was taken by a 12ft-long white pointer and survived to tell the story telling reporters afterwards that, “I went straight into its mouth, front onwards. Half my body was in its throat. It was like being in a dark cave.”

The force of the shark’s bite didn’t kill him as he was wearing a lead weight vest. It did however crush his diving mask, broke his nose and rip apart his air regulator as he fought off the shark from the inside for two minutes.

Snake: We’ve seen snakes swallow everything from small mice to crocodiles, but is it ever possible to take an entire human being? Technically researchers say it’s not possible due to our broad shoulders. Still that hasn’t stopped people from trying. The green anaconda is the purported culprit capable of trying to ingest a human as its jaws aren’t connected to the braincase like other vertebrates – they float and are connected with other flexible ligaments. Once inside the snake, it’s likely it will use its body to crush and manipulate your bones over time where you will likely die. Its saliva glands will then cover the prey to help digestion with the oesophagus muscles squeezing together together to push force the prey towards it stomach. The nasty part isn’t over yet. From here the snake’s bile will start to break you down as it absorbs your nutrients before expelling the waste.

#5 Rich And Famous Men Who Lost Their Fortune


Nicolas Cage: The action star and sometimes-actor-gone-off-the-rails was once one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors, earning up to US$40 million per year. In the years between 1996 and 2011 alone, Cage raked in a cool $150 million. As a detriment to his earnings, Cage also had a lavish lifestyle, spending big money on things such as private jets, mansions, rare sports cars and yes, exotic animals. By 2009 the American actor owed $US6.5 million to the tax man. He was also in a legal stoush with his business manager in which he was sued. As of 2012 Cage was still paying off his taxes.

Mike Tyson: The world champion boxer famously made his earnings from winning and infamously lost it through various bouts of legal issues. Raking in a cool $US400 million over his 20 year career, Tyson eventually went bankrupt in 2003 after he racked up $23 million in debt which included a $9 million divorce settlement, $13.4 million owed to the IRS, and $4 million to the British tax authorities.

Floyd Mayweather: The lightweight champion boxer might be rolling in it now after his Manny Pacquiao fight this year, but he did lose all of it a few years ago. In 2014 Mayweather made over US$100 million. That same year he filed a $US61 million claim in a local bankruptcy case. Somehow the IRS smelt something funny and declared that the boxer owed them $US50 million in back taxes. It’s probably chump change to Mayweather these days though considering he’s the world’s highest grossing boxer ever, being worth between US$400 million – $600 million today.


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September 26, 2016 by Daily News