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4 New season colours & How any man can wear them.

1. Red

From vermillion to tomato, red packs mega fire power into an everyday look. A symbol of passion and sensuality, red is a colour of strength, so it’s super masculine. Keys ways to wear the bold hue is via tailoring – as a cotton two-piece suit or a summery unstructured blazer or as light chino-trousers.

Outside the suit realm, red heats up active-inspired outerwear this season too: giving life a nylon mac coat, trench or parachute silk parka – one of this season’s biggest menswear trends – new lease on life.

Red pairs royally with navy, and looks chic with black. Light grey dresses down the rage of red, particularly good for suiting. But red’s shade-mate this season is all-white: neat with a flash of colour – and neutral accessories.

2. Blue

As a man, blue should be a staple colour in your menswear arsenal. While navy is nice and sky blue is fresh, cobalt is shockingly stylish, and will make a masculine statement at your next wedding or dinner party. A cobalt blazer will make electric your smart-casual wardrobe, teamed with suede derbies for a neo-Dandy accent.

Look to a traditional two-button notch lapel design (in a double-breast design for something stately) and seek out a lightweight jersey, cotton or linen-blends to mimic the blue’s summertime vibe. Off-duty, you’re key blue item is the nylon bomber jacket. With a textural sheen and sporty finish, cap off the look with a basket ball cap and a chambray blue shirt, working in jogger pants or chinos, and white sneakers – for the slam dunk.

3. Yellow

Yellow is without question the jauntiest colour for men this season. And maybe the sourest to digest. But, before you start sucking lemons, rest assured there is a yellow for you tastebuds. From mustard to canary to pastel, yellow (like lemon) is making its way from a garnish to a main course (or at least an accompanying drink – lemonade, anyone?) in the fashion world.

Squeeze things off with the simplicity of a chuck-on, chuck-off backpack. The next level is the man bag. You can inject some energy into a black suit-and-tie look via canary derby brogues, with a brown leather sole to balance the brash. Or go hell-for-yellow: a sugar-hit shade that screams look-at-me (in a macho tone of voice) via flamboyant outerwear, be it a cardigan or topcoat. The rest needs to be neutral. Black for night, white or beige for day.

4. Orange

Style feeling a little under the weather? Give your wardrobe a dose of Vitamin C with this season’s standout shade. Orange isn’t necessarily the new black, but it’s a sign of boyish playfulness – something the Italians do well. And should be consider a bit a wham! into a weekend look. Bermuda shorts lose their dad vibe in neon orange, paired with a blue jacket and shirt for a perfect contrast colour block.

A thin gauge knit in tangerine is a spring time win over a white oxford shirt and matching chinos, a black leather belt drawing a distinct line between top and bottom. Finally, burned orange is great alternative to camel – via the winter top coat, slightly Seventies but modernised with deconstructed shoulders and worn with cropped charcoal trousers (no flares here). Instead of black, add maroon leather derbies. Scandinavian style chic.


Source: http://www.dmarge.com/

Author: Benjamin Fitzgerald

August 15, 2016 by Daily News