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3 Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf This Winter

The Loop


Classy and yielding maximum warmth for minimal effort, the loop is a go-to move for a reason. Feel free to go with chunkier styles when you're wearing a medium-weight jacket or topcoat like Benedict Cumberbatch here. Something slightly thinner (like cashmere) might be order when you're wearing a heavier coat that leaves less room to move around.

Once Around


Ewan McGregor's check scarf and charcoal layers is just good, classic off-duty menswear. If you tend to dress in head-to-toe neutrals in the winter, a classic pattern like this is a great move. When the weather gets colder simply tuck one or both of the loose ends of the scarf into the loop and close up your jacket to secure it around your neck.

Open and Tucked


If you've got a suit-appropriate scarf—something solid, made of a nice fabric, and finished with tassels—you can simply leave it open, using your jacket to keep it from blowing all over the place. Or cross one end over the other low on your chest to close the gap around your sternum while maintaining that super-minimalist look.


Megan Gustashaw

November 07, 2016 by Daily News