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2016’s Biggest Menswear Trends

The Bomber Jacket is The Biggest Trend

Searches for “bomber jacket” have grown by over 500% since last year, with related queries like “black bomber jacket” and “bomber jacket men” also catching fire. Google’s report reveals that the trend started to spike last summer and has been sustaining since then. In the U.K. David Beckham is considered to be the bomber jacket’s poster boy, while in the U.S. Kanye West is looked to for styling inspiration. Black, olive, and green are the most popular colours searched for, while pink has seen a huge increase as well. Thanks to the influence of the souvenir jacket trend, “satin bomber jacket” and “embroidered bomber jacket” searches have skyrocketed.

Statement Pants Are In

Queries for “ripped jeans” and “ripped black jeans” have grown by more than 100% since last year, while searches for “drop-crotch pants” and “acid-wash jeans” have predictably plummeted. (Fear of God’s popular torn-to-shreds denim has to be at least a little bit responsible for this.) “White jeans”, “cargo pants”, and “linen pants” also saw some moderate growth over the last twelve months. And yes, we’ll admit it, “cargo shorts” did too.

Athleisure Reigns Supreme

Signs this athleisure thing isn’t just a bunch of marketing hype: Queries for “sweatshirt” grew by over 500% over the last year. “Polo shirts” and “white T-shirts” also grew in search volume. Plus, “windbreaker jacket” grew by over 100% and “waterproof jacket” by over 300%. Since athleisure more or less replaced heritage as an overarching menswear trend, it’s somewhat unsurprising to see searches for “flannel shirt” and “denim shirt” on the decline.


Megan Gustashaw

September 01, 2016 by Daily News